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History behind the Pan AfriKan Coalition of Canada

Pan AfriKan Coalition of Canada is a federally non-of-profit organization with corporation # 770422-4 and business # 821195609RC0001. The organization original intentions were to produce the Ottawa African Festival, other festivals and events in Canada for the Africans and Pan African in Canada.

Daniel Eji reached out to the community and gathered all reliable individual members of the community to work with him to create this organization we called ours today instead of calling it Daniel’s organization. In 2005, the Pan African Council of Canada was formed in which Daniel Eji(founder) refused the position of the president but accepted the role of vice president of the council.

During the first two years of the Ottawa African Festival was produced by the Pan African Council of Canada. This Council was formed by Daniel Eji as a non-profit community organization to provide the corporate structure for the festival and other community related events.

The original idea for this associated arose from the success of the 2002 African Cup of all Nations Soccer Tournament. The African Cup expanded to allow the full participation of all peoples of African descent and as a unity platform for the various African communities.

Then in 2005, the name “the Pan African Council of Canada” was given to edify not only one program (i.e. soccer tournaments) but also incorporate other programs and activities in the community. After further analysis of the Council’s structure it was determined that taking into consideration the people’s of African descent an updated name change was necessary. Thus the Pan AfriKan Coalition of Canada in 2010.

This further encompasses the mandate of the organization. In addition to the Ottawa African Festival, the Coalition’s goal is to pursue the following areas:
- community assistance and outreach,
- support for development and socio-economic integration,
- a Pan-Afrikan Youth Summer Camp,
- the Pan Afrikan Sports Alliance,
- secure a Pan AfriKan Community Centre and the building of a comprehensive database of skilled competencies for cultural exchange whether in the profit or non-profit sectors.

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