Areas of Interest

Ottawa African Festival

Ottawa African Festival brings together peoples of all countries of Africa to promote, appreciate, and celebrate African cultures, pride, unity, and traditional family values, using cultural demonstration to inform the peoples of Canada of our rich and varied heritage.

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Artist Registration

If you are an artist(s),manager etc please submit information such as your name, gender, your kind of music, your city, past history about you etc. If you are unable to submit all of your information detail on our database, please, email us.

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In the form of recreation and other sports within the African and Pan-African countries there is:

  • Ping pong/Table Tennis
  • Dominoes
  • Oware/Mbao/Ayoo
  • Ghebeta/Cilolo
  • Volley Ball
  • Kite Flying
  • Field Hockey
  • Road Tennis

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Global Community Connection

Here is a list of global community connections:

  • Africa Community Technical Service (ACTS)
  • Astronomy In Africa
  • Behind the Mask
  • Farmers Helping Farmers
  • Future Africa Society
  • Global Poverty Relief Foundation
  • and more

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